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Pet-Pack Ipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd. is one of Hungary's largest mineral water producing companies. In addition to the Balfi, Visegrádi and Pannon Aqua mineral waters, we are also the manufacturers and distributors of Surprise drinks for children. The specialty of the latter is the Disney Fairytale Foil, and the gift packed with the soft drink. A Pet-Pack Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft., Magyarország egyik legnagyobb ásványvíz el

Pet-Pack Ipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd. is also engaged in the production of pre-shapes and caps, both produced at the Dunakeszi plant. The granules are odorless, white, which is colored blue with a masterbatch. The pet pre-shapes produced in our Dunakeszi plant are used in our three mineral water bottling plants.

Pet-Pack Products

After two months of work, the new indentity of our two biggest brands, Balfi and Visegrád, were born this year.

In the case of Balfi, the new color of the bottle is pale green, suggesting freshness. This is especially noticable on the free-water, where we replaced the blue bottle.
In addition, we have turned from opaque to compressed shrink film, so that the new product can be detected from afar.


Pet-Pack Ipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd.


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